Sunday, August 16, 2009

In the Lion's Den

When I first started my work at the wildlife center, my first thought when I saw Moran the Lion was, "I can't wait to be on in the lion's den." So five weeks later, guess where I'm at? That's the den, but sans lions. I was cleaning their area. And that meant the big cats were put in their holding pen while I raked, scrubbed, shoveled, and hosed down their home.

I was welcomed into the den by Ghana and her two male companions Leo and Katanga. She is definitely the Queen of this den. They were all very affectionate with one another...although small, a great pride. As I raked on one side of the fence Katanga kept very close by...three inches close by...brushing himself along the fence as if trying to get my attention. When I finally turned towards him and spoke telling him, "hello big kitty...what a pretty, pretty lion you are," he chuffed and shook his head. He knows how to accept a compliment.

After cleaning their home for three hours, I went into clicker training. I'm taking some of our goats out in three weeks to an eco-awareness convention. We learned the basics of clicker training an animal. Goats are just as eaisly trainable as dogs. I wonder if clicker training works on men?

Until next time...keep roaring ;)

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  1. Sounds like you feel at home there! Thanks for keeping us updated...

  2. My hubby often uses his pug moves on me...not even sure if he is aware of it. Rubs my head and says good girl! Loving your blog! Mika